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Marti Dolezal

Yay! I am so looking forward to your blogging again! You have been missed.

Sara Schley

Welcome back Greta! I'm still in a bit of a blogging hiatus, though I occasionally write a post (saraskates.com). What's up with skating???

I love love love this blog: http://www.thejuliagroup.com/blog/ though beware, today's post is technical and probably not of interest. She's smart, witty, a parent, and a total geek who knows what she wants and what she will and will not do with her life :)

Mwah to you - Sara


Lovely to hear from you Sara!
Will check in to the julia group...always glad to have another smart, geeky parent on my reading list!
The skating is on hold until I can resolve the Vertigo issues. sigh.
The sleep study has been a huge help, and I return for the next phase in June.
Always enjoy your updates!
Love to you and yours
as always. xox


Happy you are back in this space too! My favorite blog for inspiration in this season of my life is Amanda Soule's blog: http://www.soulemama.com/


Thanks Susan! Amanda was another daily read that I need to revisit....


Just tentatively beginning to blog again after almost a year. So glad to find you are here again, look forward to reading your words and hearing your thoughts


Oh hooray, Daisy-Winifred! I always enjoy our conversations! Blessings to you and yours...

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