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Reading of your experiences is so helpful to me. I am a major multitasker and know I would benefit from just doing one thing at a time too. I will be reading with interest...as always! Thanks for sharing, Greta!


Thanks Susan! Lovely to hear from you, as always! xox

Amy Santamaria

I'm a lurker, but I always enjoy your blog and your optimistic outlook on life. Your post today, especially the part about the light/sleep connection, made me think of a great book I read called Lights Out: Sugar Sleep and Survival. (no affiliation, I just liked it) You might want to check it out. Your plan to shut down communication at 8 is awesome and right in line with what they talk about. I'm still working towards that!

Thank you for continuing your blog despite a difficult diagnosis, that can't be easy. I always look forward to your posts.



Thanks Amy! I will put that book on my list!

Gina Likins

Good heavens, Greta -- the hamsters (in the brain, the bisybisybisy ones). Oh, that's been my struggle for so long. I think you hit what, for me, has been the hardest part, which is *letting* go of needing the hamsters for company. Needing to be busy, needing to runrunrun, needing to feel "productive." Or, to phrase it in a way that's more helpful: feeling like the getting-18-things-done-at-once *is* productive and is the work of _value_, rather than sitting with the one thing you are doing and doing it well (even if the thing is sitting).

Really good post. Was feeling all bad for not getting enough *done* today, but it's because I've been really letting the things I'm doing speak to me. :-)


Thanks Gina!
Ive made so much progress since this post...
It is a long journey to unlearn well established patterns,
but SO worth it!

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