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Lovely! I'm on a new sock heel quest myself. So far, I've done three new to me short row heels, and downloaded the instructions for the PGR heel. I think my next sock will have the Welsh heel, but PGR is definitely on the list.

Deb Robson

SO glad you like Simple Socks on the Kindle! I'm the publisher, and it took them much longer to convert our books than some others, I think because of the number of illustrations.

Note for Jane: I'm not sure which instructions for the PGR heel you downloaded, but there are some versions out there that produce holes (some smaller, some quite large) up the line where the short-rows are worked back into long rows. Um, those instructions are wrong {wry grin}. If they work, great! If not, don't write off PGR's heel construction just yet. . . .

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