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Well, that's the PITS! I had no idea the MRI was not diagnostic in that manner. I'm glad you have your garden and knitting to provide comfort.


Greta - I did not want surgery either for my back. Cried like a baby when the neurosurgeon thought it might be the only option that worked for me. He did suggest the epidural steroid and physical therapy first, and I finally caved (mostly because quite frankly I couldn't walk more than a few steps without excruciating pain). The MRI, interestingly enough, WAS needed to make the diagnosis of a herniated disc. The doctor suspected a slipped one originally.

Believe it or not, just one steroid shot did help a lot. Physical therapy was good to get the spine muscles firing properly again -- and then I found a chiropractor who has continued to do wonders for me. I don't take pain pills unless I have a really bad day, and usually a little bit of mentholated spray helps without medication.

If you are not getting the answers you want, find a different doctor, but don't be afraid of the treatments - sometimes they are necessary (and make sure that the doctor agrees that surgery is only an option of last resort!).

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