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Poor puppy. I know several dogs who have had great success with accupunture. My morning dog group is on the crunchy side, all natural diets, holistic vets, etc. Good luck.


If you care, I vote for the 2nd option. Acupuncture, aromatherapy and massage work wonders. You might also want to check out a chiropractor - some specialize or will do animal work.


Poor little guy! Lucy sends hugs and purrs.


We have had so many problems with our Murphy and his allergies to everything. No parvo or rabies shots as he went into shock with the first one! The last time they tried to sedate him we nearly lost him. It's so hard when they can't tell you where it hurts!

Joan in Reno

Hugs for the poor puppy, AND the worried Mommy! Try Numero Dos first; fewer side effects.


My heart is so with you. I believe I have found some answers for Bunny, I pray you find something to help Carson with the fewest side effects.


Good on you for caring so much.


Hugs to Carson! I'm glad he has such a caring mommy and good veterinary care!

My son has been on prednisone for a week with a wretched case of poison oak. I empathize with the zoom zoom zoom thing!


I walk a dog that gets accupuncture regularly. Without it she would not be able to walk. And it really works and she loves being fondled and cared for. That is my vote. :)

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