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I think you should offer that scarf to Willie Wonka...I agree that the movie was cute, and I am glad that Tim Burton had the good sense to make a version that did not try to recreate the Gene Wilder version but was funny in its own right. I have never read the book, but the the new movie made me want to, I read that it was much more "true" to the Dahl concept...I had to tease my work-roommate, his dad is a retired dentist...
PS keep cool, how is the poodle brigade doing?


I have been working on some scarves lately too...despite the weather! Christmas presents have to get made sometime, right?


Johnny Depp. -sigh-


Ah, you're nuts? No, you are practical, you know that the weather will evetnually turn cold and you want to be prepared. That's why you are knitting with wool in a heat wave. If you need more Kureyon scrapes, I am sure that all of us will be willing to send them on to you. But it is looking pretty.


Very pretty Kureyon! I agree about Willie Wonka. I was pleasantly surprised. Johnny Depp did a great job. :) I'm going to check the book out of the local library and read it again. It was one of my favorites when I was a kid.


Um, because you're optimistic? That it won't be that hot forever? xoxo


Oh girl, I can't imagine what it must be like --- over 100 AND tons of humidity. Ugh. But the Kureyon will perk you up, wool or not (and Johnny Depp doesn't hurt, either)! Whee! xxoo


Loved the willy wonka movie. So glad it was finally faithful to the book. And who doesn't love a burton/depp love fest?? Perhaps your love of chocolate made you think orgasmic instead of organic? (or perhaps it was depp after all???)


My mom just took my girls to see Charlie and they all loved it! Now I want to go...I loved all his books!

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