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leave it to a kid with autism to get it exactly right...and she will remind you of that again..."remember when you wrote orgasmic instead of organic and i said it out loud in the target in xxx"...and again - its hot in massachusetts again today too, only 3 days of relief and now back to the 90's...


Granted... I would like some of that orgasmic orange juice :-)

Joan in Reno

We have had over a week of triple digit temps. It's now in the high 90s. I don't care if we don't have much humidity, 100F is still hot! But at least it isn't steam heat :-). And I don't have A/C. I still like it better than winter, so I'm not complaining.


Dude, all orange juice is orgasmic.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, rofl, rofl, rofl, AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Think of Garth in Wayne's World: "Excellent."


Oh, yes - you will be reminded of that for years to come, in great detail. My oldest tells me about things that happened when he was two and gets outright indignant about decisions I made three years ago. Certainly keeps me on my toes, knowing he remembers EVERYTHING and will blurt out any of it to perfect strangers. Ah, the fun of living with Autism, eh?


I'm dying with laughter. . . So funny! It's been hot in Kansas City, but we're expecting rain and cooler temps today.


Too funny! Did you find any of that orgasmic orange juice? I want some if you did.....



So Autistics remember everything? My autistic daughter is 3 1/2. Should I be getting scared yet? Oh dear... The Orgasmic Orange Juice was very funny ;)


I was shopping with my husband and we were in the produce section of the grocery store. He calls out very loudly, "what do we need for the beef stroke-me-off?" (what we call beef stroganoff). Every women turned to look at us, then quickly looked away. Red faced, I walked up to him and said softly... I don't think these ladies like our food humor.


Hey, your girl can follow directions! :) :) :) Thanks for the laugh. I needed it. :)


Aw, that's sweet! Kids are so great . . . (grin)


And to think I've been buying Minute Maid...


That's given me the chuckle I really needed on this sweltery day ~


Oh my god I nearly fell off my chair. I bet you made those other moms' days!

Man, I better get me some ORGASMIC orange juice, eh?


Hot? It was 105 on the Ikea parking lot, according to my car thermometer, but only 101 while driving.


what store was that again?


We quit the orange juice when we started the South Beach diet...may be time to buy some again! Thanks for the laugh! Jane


So funny!


Yes, dear, and where WAS your mind? ;)


too funny! it's definitely the heat.


Hys. Ter. I. Cal.


OK, so they don't have it at Target, but ... anywhere else? I'm suddenly very thirsty!


Hahahahahahah! I'll have what you're having. When hubby was in the hospital getting the heart bypass, kiddo told someone at school he was having his ovaries worked on (she mean ARTERIES.)


Innocence is great and so special I wish it could be preserved....We are in winter and having beautiful days of around 18 - 20 celsius, although with only 4 1/2 weeks till spring, I know that we are going to be having some cold weather in the weeks to come, probably up to end September. I hope your hot summer doesn't come down our way this summer.

Lee Ann

Not only am I shopping at the wrong store, but I think I need to hire you to create my list..


Okay, so, if you do find that orange juice please let me know, you have my email addy. And does anyone else think that Orgasmic Orange sounds like a Really Special Kool Aid flavor? And were you watching something particularly interesting on TV while making that shopping list? Just asking....


You should try the orgasmic chocolate. Mmmmmmm.... mmmmmm... mmmmmm... keeps you coming back for more!


Some damn good juice, I'd say.


LMAO! How cute :)


Hey, my daughter used to refer to people who didn't eat meat as "Veg-italians"


I once dated a guy who told me a story and made me promise never to tell ANYONE. Then he dumped me so I now I shall gleefully tell everyone on the Internets. The story is that when he was first entering college, he was a candidate for a science scholarship. He had to have an interview with the faculty as part of the process. When they asked him why he wanted to be a biology major, he MEANT to say he was interested in studying ORGANISMS. But instead he said "I'm interested in studying orgasms." Now that's honesty in a college-aged male....


Oh your posts are wonderful!!! My son is autistic and he's going to be 9 soon - and he acts the exact same way....he goes to the store with me and asks all the tellers (just like this): "excuse me sir, one dollar please"...lol

They are a joy...


Oh, Greta, I've missed reading your blog while I've been away! What a fun post! Thx for the LOL! I needed it! :)

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