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I love your daughter's response to the movie, fabulous! :-) There's always something positive to come out of any experience. I meant to ask, were the giant Spongebob plushies found at Carowinds in NC, or elsewhere? Carowinds has a new and improved Nickelodeon section of the park this year!


Man, those ARE the PERFECT red shoes. Sometimes, I think that all shoes should be red.

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm glad your back in 'blog-action'! We missed you!


Dearest, we need a pic of you in the beautiful dress with the perfect red shoes. I am picturing you now. So glad the internet was invented so *we* could meet.


I think you should get over here immediately in those clothes, knock back a glass of chilled fino, and start bouncing on the trampoline with Flo & Mu! Flo would love these colours.


Perfect shoes! Are they Brighton? I think I spy little hearts on them . . .


Okay, so that fab dress and those shoes may miss the reunion, but they need to go party somewhere else, and soon! You can't disappoint them!


That outfit looks great, you will no doubt find somewhere great to wear it too.


Ohhhh, but Greta....you will look SO SMASHING in that dress and those shoes and that shrug. I say we need to meet up in NYC and go to the theatah togethah or something, although you would outshine me, for sure.


Hi Greta, sorry I forgot which blog was yours when I read my email. Then I remembered, so I thought I had better let you know.


The best diplomacy is even more expressive than plainspeak. It's one thing to say, "that movie was awful," but a little diplomacy, well placed, says even more. :)


Oh, how much do we LOVE the fashions today? Just for us, no? xo

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