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blowing some of our cold new england temps your way...i know it won't help, but the thought is there...


ack - you've been missed! Glad to hear you're ok and that you'll soon be back on the grid.


Keep knitting in the heat, love - it'll cool off someday, right? I just cast on for my handspun convertible..... MWAH!


Oh, Honey!!!! I'm thinking cool thoughts for you. It's hot here, too, but at least we have power!


The Real Goods catalog that I received two weeks ago has a whole house fan set up that I have *so* been coveting. I think it is here http://www.realgoods.com/renew/shop/product.cfm/dp/2500/sd/2501/ts/1064479
but it looks as if it is on backorder.

I want that fan!! You probably already know about it though, don't ya?


My hubbo is an engineer at power plants, and even though he LOVES his job, very much a slave to the grid. However, even HE wouldn't mind a little personal power generation, as it were. Maybe a little nuclear plant in our basement? Hmmm, I've still got to work on that one.


Come to Idaho, sweetpea, and we'll go up to Redfish Lodge in the Sawtooth mountains, and lounge by the lake and knit. It's in the low 70's here, and beautiful!

Hang in there, and give Sandy a hug for me! xxoo

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