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wow! i'm very impressed with your cardigan. you need to take a picture of you modeling it.


The Klaralundigan (say THAT ten times quickly!)
is fabulous! What a good idea to cardiganize!

That colorway you're knitting on now is soooo beautiful! I love the orange and those fuchsia/red/pink tones together! Sizzle!


ok, now I want that klaralund in a cardigan! So pretty and wearable! Jane


Oh I love the Klara cardi!! Beautiful colors.

Lisa S

Oh, Greta. well done on the Cardi! You should check out Sheila Ernst's buttons. Did you see them at MSW? I love to use them for my cardigans because they are so organic looking and go with seemingly everything. http://www.glasspens.com/ Yeah, she is a pal of mine. I was dragged to her booth at a Bay Area show a couple of years ago and we became fast friends from that moment on.
Good for you for going outside your normal color comfor zone...it will open your eyes to a whole new world of color beside blue and green.


oh, I really need some yarn fixes in N.C. as no one in my husband's family "gets" the knitting and we spend lots of time in the WalMart in Henderson!!! Jane


I am so easily made happy.



Lovely "Klaralundigan", Greta!


I love the idea of cardiganizing Klaralund... I really want to make this sweater one day. I love the colorway you chose. Yes, I would love to see a pic of you modeling it as well! :)


I love, love, love the colors of your Klaralund! So sharp as a cardi too. I agree, I think a picture modeling it is a must.


ooo, I LOVE the idea of a cardigan Karalund!!! SO NICE! Must see it on!! And I lovelovelove your sock yarn!!! What kind is it? It's similar to the LL bittersweet, but is all solid and blend-y instead of stripey!!

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