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Haven't seen Star Wars yet, but me and my boy are looking forward to Madagascar, for sure!


My son is desperate to see Star Wars. I've told him I think he's too young. What do you think? Could an almost nine year old handle the movie?


We're not to the Star Wars age yet, but I'm hoping Madagascar will be acceptable. I'm wondering about the PG rating though. Why, oh why do they make movies for kids and then throw in something to jump the ratings to PG? Its tough to find a simple movie for the wee crowd these days. Let me know how Madagascar would be for the little ones.


Can't wait to see Star Wars. Was it as expected? Daughter bird adjusting to home ok? Is she desperate to go back to college yet? Lots of drama here lately, fixation on phrases is the latest, and how many times can one hear "Whats up Doc?" and not go, "The sky". It will get better when school gets out for the summer (or is it just beginning?).
Hugs and BTW we are over $400 now.

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