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Good luck with the phone company.

You'll love your Tivo. We've had one for a long time, and don't know what we'd do without it. (Actually, we have more than one. I'm not telling how many)


No, no--you're not the last. We don't have Tivo either (no nearby phone line, but more importantly, it's not supported by our lovely (ahem) cable company). I do have a DVD recorder, though, with a hard-drive, so I can do similar things--does that count??


Welcome to the wonderful world of TiVo!!!! You will have such fun! It's amazing the gems that are on in the middle of the night. Is the Jiggley(sp?) Puff?


I. Heart. TiVo. You will too :)


We have no TiVo. And honestly, I don't think I could face working with our cable company and the phone company to get service installed -- those two are in a race to see which can provide worse customer service. I value my limited sanity.

J Strizzy

Um, no. Not the last. I don't have TiVo. And though I have a VCR, it doesn't work properly with my cable so I can't record anything except channel 3.

Enjoy all the racing!


Yes, I hear Jigglypuff singing in the background now... And heck, we don't even have the tee vee out here in East Nowhere :)


Oh, TV will never be the same. The power to delete, just like that. No more commercials! And you can search for terms like "knitting" and "Indigo Girls" and capture all the shows that come up.... Fun, fun, fun!

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