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sarah b.

I'm not a parent, yet, but I completely know what you mean about the cartoons that are intended for older folks, yet people still bring their little ones to them! I'm glad this one is at least appropriately rated.


Virginia, eh?

Boy, that's a coup for Dreamworks, isn't it?


There's a W&G fan club? I'm THERE!!! Cheeeese, Gromit, cheeeeeeeeese. A nice Wensleydale perhaps.....


Sounds like a nice weekend! I have to tell you the other night you and your dog were in my dream. You had knit some sort of fancy outfit for your dog. It was supposedly some adaptation of a "known" sweater. You also knit a tiny little hat out of Rowan Calmer for the dog. It was like magic, because it looked very teeny and yet when you spread it out with your hands, it was big and cabled and very fancy.


i LOVE Carson!!


What an awesome weekend for you and a FUN post for us. Could you tell me the dog-friendly hotel in Old Town? Thanks!


I knew where you were just by looking at the photo...my old stomping ground! I miss Old Town so much! Glad you all had a fun visit!


I knew when I read "Alexandria" that you were on your way to Knit Happens! I'm glad you had a fun trip.


Arg! I'm so sorry that I missed getting to meet you and Carson at KH. Blasted patio! Glad you had a good time!

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