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That's some good freak! 'in out of course. I love it. There relationship is so inspiring to me. I love when Owen and his sibs get along or when he iniates interactions with Gracie. And Cam just gets him. The boy is a freaking natural with autism. It's good Great. I hope daughter bird is enjoying her vacation.


*giggle-giggle*, the "Whether (or Not) Channel" heeheeeeehee. So true, innit? Special. That's all it is. Special.

P.S. Do your poodles love each other, or do they just tolerate each other? Poor Vinnie. I'm about to try to fashion a baby sling out of a towel or baby blanket so I can carry him around and get some work done around here.


You've got your very own prognosticators -- how fun!

The rain is pounding down like crazy here. I'm watching it from my office window and wishing I was home snuggled up with Lucy who I will bet you is fast asleep!


Now I have "galileo, galileo, galieo, figaro" runnign through my head... (great story!)


I love it! Although now I have "Bohemian Rhapsody" in my head as well! (I had to type rhapsody three times before deciding that it just looks strange!)

And did I miss something? Sandy Poodle has a companion!? I'm so out of the loop!

How's your Kiri knitting coming along?


Hoo boy, I could have used them with me this week. Alternating downpours and rainbows... And they probably would have corrected my routing *before* I spent three hours sitting in traffic on Sunday night.


Having been in a relationship with a set of twins (who had to be separated at 5 yrs old so they could learn "normal" language") I can completely understand that moment. Hey, consider yuorself well blessed. 2 people who can be ready for a rainstorm.

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