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You look fabulous.
And the sweater is amazing, too!


You are too funny. Love the sweater. Great picture by daughter bird.


Geesh, I was speed-reading and I didn't see "the movie" part at first and I was all like, "Damnit, how come people get to go to fun places all the time and I never do?!" But then I got myself together and read the rest of the sentence. Nice sweater; even better smile!

J Strizzy

"G Spot"... that Silvia...!


I love it!


You are such an overachiever... :) Beautiful!


Cute sweater, cute you!

I failed to save your snail-mail address; can you email me and tell me again? (My email works badly from home, and I can't get to your actual email address to write you directly...I can read it and write it, but can't get to my address book.)

We're headed for Madagascar sometime very soon!



Love the sweater. And wow, your hair is growing so LONG!
Madagascar is on our must see list for this next week. Can't wait to hear to see what you and the "birds" thought of it!

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