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Yay, Greta! I can't wait to see your pattern!


Awww - I can't wait to see the pattern and photos - Temple Grandin's stuff is an awesome read. And if you're anything like me, having at least SOME examples out there of what you feel and see and think daily re Daughter Bird - it's just really special to have stuff like that available in the mainstream. I hunger for such things in a way...


Your daughter has such amazing understanding.


Will the pattern be available for retailers to sell in their shops? We'd like some, please.

Sorry I've been MIA. Looking forward to squeezing you tight in Maryland!!!!!!!


Oh can't wait to see it. My printer is ready for it. BTW, thank you again for doing this.



As Owen danced around his classroom yesterday to the Wiggles, I sighed deeply and said to the teacher there was an innocence in autism that I wish I could share. And it was not worrying what other people think. There was Owen enjoying the moment. I can't wait to see your pattern Greta. What a wonderful gift.


I am *so* looking forward to seeing your pattern, Greta! Thank you for adding an 8th book to my library hold list too. :)


Looking forward to your pattern as well.

Have you ever considered puttting together a collection of essays on what you've learned from Daughter Bird and Boy Bird? (not to mention your amazing father) Every time you share one, (like today), I'm so touched. (gah - I always have problems expressing myself through text - that sounds sappy, doesn't it). They resonate in a deep way.... just a thought...


Can't wait to see the pattern, Greta! And boy... can I relate. I often look at Daniel and wish I could have his way of thinking. Their curse is also their gift. Actually, I wish a lot of us "Normies" could think the way they do....


You are perfect.

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