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My date with said TIGER has beend elayed unfortunately...someone's been lazy about delivering them to the campus computer store from the campus computer store warehouse *cry*

MaryB in Richmond

Today is my "big boy's" birthday! 17 years old. He said this morning "It does seem kind of hard to believe, doesn't it?"

Gotta love it.

Note that "big boy" is in quotation marks because there's a pretty good chance that the "little boy" is now taller than the "big boy." We're just not pushing to prove or disprove that particular theory....

And since the "little boy," whichever one that is, is over six feet tall, for me to call either one of them "little" is absurd!

I'm just *dying* of jealousy over MS&W, but will try to console myself with knowing that MS&W will be there next year, but Dave Brubeck will only eat lunch at my house one time! And this is it.

**big smile**


Glad you had a good day with your boy bird. Owen is not much into video games, so I am of no help. I do know that stocking up feeling though. Toy Story on CD-rom for the puter is Owen's only gamey thing...we have lots from eBay. :) Good luck getting it all sorted out.


About the games... there's something about NES "emulator" programs that run on the computer... Don't know about cd's yet but I do know where to ask!

My 16 y/o stepson is all-knowing when it comes to gaming. The kid is scary serious about it! I shall send off an e-mail to him and see what he says.


You can buy both the first and second Zelda games (the 2 for the NES) EXACTLY as they were, but they play on the GBA. $20 each. (I have both :-) ) They're part of the Classic NES series - they've released a bunch of the classic NES games as GBA cartridges.

You can also get a faithful port of the SNES Zelda for the GBA, as well as a new (good) Zelda game called The Minish Cap. (I'm a Zelda freak... )

There are also game emulators out there - http://emulation.net/nintendo/ has a good listing. However, none of these come with games. You have to either figure out how to dump your cartridge ROM to your hard drive, or download a ROM. Downloading is tricky, since the legality of posting ROMs is ...well... questionable. (feel free to email me with any questions...)


Oh MY that preview of things to come in the game-obsessed category is just - scary. Let's just say that I'm happy Toby's current (and long standing - we're going on the third year now and he's just FIVE) obsession involves Blues Clues. DVDs vs. VHS is about as complicated as it gets.

How's spinning going????? That's all I'm doing at the moment. Not a lot of knitting.

Hugs SOON - Sara


Yes, I saw the cd version of the old games, at Target. I did see the old looking cover Zelda for GBA yesterday, at Target again. If you can't find it LMK I'll pick it up and deliver it to you next weekend. Hope the "photo shoot" goes well this weekend. We are off to play tball tonight if the rain holds off. Hugs


And to think there was almost a day where the Zelda theme *wasn't* running through my head...



Did I hear an offer of a diet Coke? I'm on my way. I'll be there May 7th. See ya then, and you'll owe me a diet Coke, ok?


Did you install Tiger? Do tell... I know I'll have to upgrade v soon for work, but I'm thinking of just getting a whole new box. Tempting idea that...


My son says....you can download an NES emulator online that can be played on the computer and you can also download just about any NES game ever made by searching for them as NES ROMS through google or any search engine.
Virus scan them first though.


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