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So bright and cheerful~ just like you! Wearing it would certainly make me happy. Enjoy!


I love it too!


Error? What error? Aint' no glare on my screen baby ~ except maybe from the BRIGHTness of it all. Gorgeous! (when do you reckon we'll have any idea of the MS&W weather forecast?)


Its a happy shawl. Gives me the feeling I used to get when I opened a new box of crayons! The Crayon Shawl, hehe! :)

J Strizzy

I don't see anything. But yes, I would definitely see YOU if you were wearing it! Not that I'm going to Sheep and Wool :(.


I love the colors... its such a bright and cheerful shawl! (I need one of those around today - icky and rainy and cold around here!)

Joan in Reno

You certainly couldn't hide or blend in with that shawl. It's lovely and cheerful.


Wow, it's just beautiful! what a happy color combo. You should definitely wear it! I"ll keep my eyes open for the happy shawl. and happy Greta. :)


I think the shawl looks very pretty and see nothing amiss. I'll be looking for you at MD!


Sharlene is making me smell the crayon smell. And no great surprise that you knit yourself a rainbow, is it?

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