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Hi Auntie Greta,
Mom just showed me the baby sheep. I'm a baby too. Mom said I look a little bit like them, but I have red curls. Say hi to Sandy for me. I have to go to the vet today for a check up. Ok, think I'll take a nap, so when Rachel wakes up we can play and then go skating. Love, RP


What a wonderful story! I wonder if you are a cat whisperer too? will you come to visit and whisper to Lucy?


happy saint patricks day to you greta...your post's always make my day...baby sheep, wonderful dog pictures and now i have a smile on my face... off topic - do you know of any good places in western virginia where i can stop for a yarn fix on my vacation in a few weeks - we are doing part of blueridge...


Aww, nice story!


Hi Greta -
What pretty sheep!
Anyone who has been reading your blog for a while might know this, but I've only been visiting for a little while - where do you live? Definitely rural somewhere. Just curious :)


i love your post! it was cool! maybe you should look into getting a ranch with sheep and dogs... you'd be good at it! LOL
thanks for the fun story and pix!
happy knitting


Oh my - that story at once gives me a huge sense of wonderment and the chills!

You're amazing - with how you're built and your gifts and what you "see" around you.


omg.. i just wanna take that little one in the last picture and rub it and kiss it and pet it and call it george !

Janice in GA

Barbados or Katahdin sheep (the Katahdin sheep was developed in Maine, so that may be what you saw) are used around here by folks that train herding dogs. Less maintenance on the sheep when you don't have to shear!

Herding dogs are awesome. Good on you for the connection to the BC!


The border collies are what I love about sheep and wool. and baby lambs. Cute story!


Those photos of the lambs are adorable!!!! So sweet! What a special experience you had! Thanks for sharing as always...I feel like I was there too.


Oh, Greta, I LOVE that story!!!


What a great story! Sounds like they are Katahdins, and they are wicked cute. My friend's Jacob sheep are lambing, and it's so fun to watch them frolic about!


Greta...what a great story. And the sheep are adorable!


Sheep!! Nothing cuter, indeed.


Aye all those fluffy sheep! And doggie too! Happy St. Pat's Day to you too!


We saw tons of little sheepies on the drive down I-5 to LA this morning. I wanted to jump out and frolic with all the little lambykinses but we were on a schedule so I just got to look longingly out the window. And your story made me miss the Border Collies of my youth, Tip, Catcher and Woop.

Going pub hopping tonight in Pasadena with old friends who get to meet my guy for the first time. I can't wait.


I'm partial to baby goats, myself.

Also, I immediately hear James Cromwell saying, "That'll do, Pig. That'll do." :)

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