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love them stripes...sharon


In my ideal world I would have about 5 or 6 dogs. And a huge piece of land for lots of romping. And I would always get them from the shelter. Like you said, there's too many of them in the shelters.


Me too, me too! And we know all about the special diet thang, don't we?! Wonderful that you've taken him in and you're the wolf mom, leader of the PACK! Grrr...


I think Sandy would love a little kittie as a special in house friend. Maybe her mommy will add another special person to the mix. And dogs can snore just as loud as humans. But happy knitting!!!


Carson definately found his home :-)


someday i'm going to have a big ol family of shelter-pets :) other than our first dog (my parents claim not knowing any better then) all of our pets have either been rescued by my brother (who worked at a vets office) or from a shelter. i'm always happy when someone else makes 'unloved' animals a part of their family!! watch my journal soon for a post about a particular kitten my family took in within the next week... congrats on the new family member!


Hi Carson,
Its me, RP. I was on a skating adventure in CT for a few days. I am so glad to hear my Auntie Greta is your Mommy and Sandy is your sis. You will have the best life ever and so much fun. They go on really cool adventures. Guess what? Rachel skated with Ruslan and Elena. They just won the bronze medal at the World Championships. I got to sniff their medals!! Really amazing. Elena played ball with me and Ruslan is a good cuddler. It was really fun. Well, I need a nap. Say hi to Sandy for me. Love, RP P.S. Tasted any good mohair lately? Wool in the Woods has delicious flavors :)

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