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Greta, you had me so worried! I have been lurking at your blog-- sometimes for the knitting, but mostly for the inspirational anecdotes. I am so relieved to know that Carson is of the canine variety. Good luck!


Sandy, don't worry about your mom -- she is an angel! I hope you and Carson become good friends. I'm betting you will.


I think this is the most wonderful blog entry I have ever read! You're inspiring in so many ways!


Sandy-- You sound like you're really cool about this whole thing. I don't know how I'd feel about Mom bringing another dog into MY house, but I'm sure Carson will be nice once he's settled in. Just watch out for that "Bad Dog" attaction thing--he sounds like he might be a bit of a rebel! But maybe it's just a tough-guy act because he hasn't had such a good home before. Just make sure your Mom remembers you were there first! --Chappy


What?!? Carson is adorable. I'm hoping for your sake Sandy, that he has been "fixed". ;)


Sandy, you're such a sweet girl to let Carson into your house. I'm sure you'll keep him in line.


Oh, such a happy blog entry! Carson is adorable. I'll bet with the right kind of love, he'll shape up in no time.


Sandy, are you sure that you are okay with Carson? I mean you need to remind your mommy that you were there first so your vote does count. And you can be a good example by teaching him his manners. But you need to remind your mommy that she needs to work on her art some more.


This is Bud, commandeering Mom's computer. I've heard my mom making noises about this kind of thing. She says I need a friend cuz I freak out when they leave me alone in the house, but I'm not so sure. I mean, it's bad enough that I have to deal with That Cat. And Mom's talking about a puppy. *rolling eyes heavenward* You know where that will lead. Yep, it'll be my job to take care of her. Mom says it has to be a her. I hope this new Carson guy doesn't give you too much trouble.


Oh, this entry tickled me pink.

Debbie Klement

Sandy, it won't be so bad...my mom has brought home two such individuals and in the end it all works out. I do have to admit though that my newest rival can be a pain in the rear...she is after all a Jack Russel. They are considered the poor country cousin to us amazing American Rat Teriers.
All this dog wants to do is play and wrestle and I get a little ticked off with her. Her real family just couldn't handle her ADD like behaviour so my momma decided better we take her than the pound.
She is nice and warm to snuggle up with though.

Good luck Sandy...don't let him sit too close to your momma though...make sure he knows you are the princess.

Goldie...aka Queen Goldie of the Klement household


Sandy, tell your mom that I'm really happy to hear that there are still big pushovers in the world just like her.


Don't mind me. I'm just here in front of my laptop, sputtering and generally cracking up...


Man, you had my pulse racing. Thought you had gotten into some baaaad mushrooms @ Brookgreen. I feel so much better now...but I think I need to get a cool cloth for my brow before I lie down.


Sandy, when my mom first brought Crockett home I about had a fit. He bit my ears and my tail and took my bones and hoarded all of MY toys in HIS bed. I made sure he knew that I ALWAYS go through doors first, I get fed first, I get to decide which kennel I would like to hang out in (I usually pick his - it's small and uncomfortable, but it makes him crazy), and if there's food on the counter, it's, you guessed it, MINE. Pronounce your rules, establish your boundaries, learn how to place blame on him. It's really not all bad. Good luck, sister.


See, I thought at first you were describing someone ELSE, if you know what I mean, and I thought ohhh, nooooo. But Carson? Kisses for him all over his head!


oh he is so cute...my misty is a 2 time loser too (i am her third home), the first they took her away from, the second did not want to deal with the work she would take...she has been with me almost 5 years now, and although she is trying at times she is a joy to have as part of our family. hope you all enjoy your bonding time - sharon

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