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Mmmmmm, the alpaca scarf is lovely! I have an alpaca craving from time to time, but it's waaaay too warm here in Dallas to wear it. I don't even know how the alpacas here can stand their own coats!

Sorry you're feeling disappointed . . . I have no good words to comfort you, I'm afraid (as I do not do well with disappointment, myself). But curling up with a good book DOES help, as does some homemade baked macaroni and cheese, or a really good grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. Anyway, I hope the interference passes soon!


I am sorry to hear about your keyboard. I love the scarf. Stay curled up under the warm blankie and just sip some nice peppermint tea and it will make you feel better.


Peppermint Tea? Macaroni and Cheese?

Around here the kind of disappointment you are alluding to is best cured with BEER and CHOCOLATE, with perhaps, as well, a trip to the LYS to shop away the blues....

But I hope whatEVER you're consuming (get it? consuming as in eating, and consuming as in consumer? HA! I crack myself up), I hope you're better soon!


The Solstice is coming ever closer, and as it does the sharp angles of life will smooth out. Enjoy your book, feel the love all around you, and knit yourself something alpaca. Joy is just around the corner.


Oh, Greta! I know the way isn't clear now, but have faith, dear friend. It only means you can't see the larger perspective. The Universe is getting ready to send something big and wonderful your way. I feel it. Just practice patience a while longer. xoxoxoxoxox


Kiss! Kisses! Lots of them, and some Cadbury Creme Eggs, too.


Hugs. Lots of hugs - and strength and patience. There is a reason that NBT wasn't right - something else is coming instead. Just wait and see...


Hi, Greta. You are right the alpaca is yummy and soft! The beautiful scarf arrived safely and she has already found a new home. I'm sorry it has taken me a while to get in touch with you. This little project has been overwhelmingly successful, thank goodness, but sometimes it's hard for me to keep up with correspondence. I thank you for your lovely contribution and your support.

The Red Scarf Project

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