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A swift make all the difference. I love mine now that I have it.


No, you're not the last one as I haven't begun. But I have the yarn wound via my new really big wooden swift that Lisa and her mom gave me for Christmas. I'm using some Interlacements worsted that they call Colorado. Unless it turns out to be too bright.


Nope, I haven't cast on for mine yet either. I haven't even wound the yarn into "cakes". I got my big wooden swift almost 2 weeks ago, but just got my winder Sunday.

I can see I'm going to have to get the clapper on the needles sooner rather than later.


nope - not the last. that's the next project on my list AFTER i finish most of my WIP's. when I'm down to 2. yah - that's what i think i'll do :) (love your blog - you're one of my favorites!)


Yeah, mine is only half-way done and languishing. Look at the SUN in that photo!


if i could bring myself to buy the yarn for the clap...i would start it next...i saw one sunday at my lys and it was beautiful (in silk garden) now i need to figure out what to make mine of...


I haven't found the right yarn for one either... and am on a no-large-project starting ban until I finish another sweater-in-progress! I love your colors...


hahhaa... i thought was the last... i see many before me .. i guess i have to learn to be a bit better knitter before i can do this .. but this is one pattern i REALLYYYY want to do !


You definitely need a swift. ;) Sara-ha-ha
PS - wow - LOVE that yarn in Clah-poh-tee, which I just learned how to pronounce correctly. It's going to be beauteous.


See? Resistance. Is. Futile. Helps to have purty stitch markers, though, huh?


I was just thinking I was the last Clapless Knitblogger, but I see there are a few of us. I haven't found the right yarn yet.


Knit on! Knit on! As much fun as the clap is to knit it's even more fun to wear. You'll love it. Jane


Watch for the 40% off one item coupons at Jo-Anns... they carry a nice swift online (http://www.joann.com/catalog.jhtml?CATID=82328&PRODID=80807) and at 40% off it's a good deal. I love mine. (Also get the ball-winder -- unbeatable combo).

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