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Oh Greta - Wow - You and your birds are so blessed to have each other and the wonderful lessons you're ALL learning. I simply love when you share these stories - they continually move me to tears ... good tears.

God Bless Greta and her birds!


I can tell you right now that that particular faculty member is probably pretty pleased with what she has learned too :) We don't care so much about the grades we give either - it's the process...

Have fun with Boy Bird this afternoon - Sara


Awww.. sweet story! All "bad news" should be like that!


Her professor's comments to her show how much theyunderstand and care about her. She is growing up and learning so much this first year at college. Have fun today with boy bird.


I'm just up here wondering if the "bad" grade was an A-. (!)


Aww, what a sweet story. :) Have a lovely day with your boy bird.


I always get teary when you write about your children. Always. Thank you for blogging, Greta. You're a credit to this medium.


Ohhhh, what a great story! I always love to hear about your birdies . . . and am continuously amazed at how your stories lift my heart and make me smile.


Thank you ever so much Greta for sharing your birds with us :)This was exactly the emotional balm my heart needed this morning!


Greta, I always get teary eyed too when you write about your Birds. Thank you so much for sharing these stories with us. They make me feel good all over!

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