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wowza - that looks like a great book!

LOL - I'm thinking I NEED it for some intensive knitting while rehabbing my knee time ;) Done, reason enough to go order it NOW.



We got that book in the shop a few weeks ago and I love a bunch of stuff in it, like the knitter's basket at the end and a lot of the kitty beds. I plan on making a bed for the dog and the cat :D


That looks like a book I should have on my shelf... what a good excuse to hit a yarn store!


That dreaded dorecast "wintery mix". I hope you can stay inside and stay warm with your needles.


Ooh, have fun! I've had a chance to look at that book and it looks awesome. I know you'll find something good to make. :)


We'd love to have you join us for some fun and knitting. Just let us know when you're in Richmond! Jane

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