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Ugh. At least its only a keyboard and not the CPU! Keyboards are easily replaceable, comparatively. And how cool you get to blog from the Apple store!


Oh no - poor keyboard - poor Greta.

It just finished snowing here. It was like we were in a snowglobe - the snow was whipping around and flying everywhere, but not sticking.


Hmmm, wonder who you were talking to? Will you be giving handstand lessons at MS&W so we can all do "the Greta" with our future FOs? More weather weirdness: an hour ago it was a blizzard here and now the sun shines!


I hope they can fix your keyboard... ouch! (but you get to spend time at the Apple store, which is a small modicum of a positive in this, right :-) )


Oh, so right! We all know how to do the "Rachael," so you'll have to teach us how to do the "Greta!"

(Although I have a feeling the "Greta" isn't going to exactly sweep the nation, since it seems more, uh...risky....)

And what EXACTLY were you taking a sip of, my dear? Hmmmm?



The Master Geeks will prevail, I just know it. As for the snow, I thought we would dodge that bullet and evade the last gasp of winter, but I think not. Things are just way too freaky out there today - now the sun is ashinin. What gives. Today when we got the blast (It hit you first), every one of the old windows just vibrated and hummed away in unison. They-were-loud.

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