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Blessings and rest to you at the retreat.


That boy's amazing.

Sending good thoughts for a relaxing, renewing retreat!


Your boy is darn impressive! Have a great retreat.


It sounds like he is making such great progress. I can't stand goingto the bx stores myself.

J Strizzy

I love reading about your birds. He's just incredible, though I know he didn't get to be that way all on his own...

Enjoy the retreat...


You know there is no pretense about their feelings. These kids tell it and give it like it is. What a success in so many ways. Yea for the boy bird. Enjoy your retreat Greta.

Mrs Mo

My nephew has Down's and autism - and he's the exact same way with his extensive video collection. Even when he was little he knew which was which...


Kisses to our Debbieduck and little R, too.... .

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