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wonderful gift! the kinder eggs are great! they have a surprise inside too!
i hope you feel better soon!


Please, please, please come the MS$W! I'll be there. And then I can put my arms around you for real! Meanwhile I'm sending you super power get well soon vibes.


Oh, poor baby! So sorry you're not well. But I'm so happy that you're back home safe if not sound. The gifts are lovely. Hugs to you and the birdies.


Greta, you managed to pick up the crud that is going around Maryland right now is all. If it hangs around more than 4 days go and see the doctor. I know too many people who have waited too long. I hope boy bird enjoyed his treat. I hope you feel better soon!


What is it about group activities that prompts the crud? Feel better. Nyquil really does work, but if not go straight for the codeine.

Joan in Reno

Don't you just hate those "souvenirs" you so often bring back from foreign climes? I'd so much rather bring back yarn. I hope it doesn't hang on too long and you feel much better soon. In the meantime, rest and read or sleep. And without a guilty conscience! Hugs!


KINDER SURPRISES! Nifty! I picked up a few of them on a school trip to Italy last year.

I've been reading for a while and had to pipe up when I saw the chocolate eggs. I quite enjoy your blog, being a fellow Apple fan and mild knitting addict. The stories of your children are quite charming, and your pride indeed positively pours through the screen.

When I was reading your past writings, I had just started listening to the Blue Man Group's Complex album for the first time as I was reading this entry (http://gretaknits.typepad.com/lifelong_knitter/2004/08/imaginary_frien.html ) (I assume they're the Blue Men you were referencing) 'twas quite the surprising coincidence.

Thanks for sharing some of your experiences and thoughts in your blog! May happiness flourish in your garden forever, and may your illness soon be gone!


Aww, crap. I have been putting up a valiant fight against something for the latter half of this week. My poor immune system is getting a run for its money. I know the guy who did it -- a lawyer I worked with on Tuesday who was SICKER THAN A DOG. I told him if I turned up sick in about three days I'd know who was the culprit and I'd send him a bill. No word yet on whether he'll pay it!


Phew, you need a big bowl of homemade soup! Hope you're on the mend soon. That yarn is beyond heavenly.

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