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I *love love loved* The Time Traveler's Wife!!!! Hope your imac feels all happy with the new memory and attention. ;) Now you've got me thinking about red socks (I have some red Silja waiting). Dare I have three pairs of socks on the needles?! I think so!


If you totally hook yourself on the mini, that just means you have exemplary taste and discernment.


Apple store trip! Mini Mini Mini! Its too cute. Have a great time!


You *have* to go to the Apple Store? I *have* to stay out of there. It's like crack for the Mac addict. Lusting after that Mini. And an iPod. And an iSight. And... And... And...


Greta, at least you can walk out of the bookstore without buying anything. I am a book slut. I always walk out with something. But I am going to have to try the Apple store now. I was debating about buying my iPod from Best Buy rather than drive down to the Apple store. But now I have to go and check out the new crack store - the Apple Store. Of course that means a trip through Nordstrom's, um? Can I resist more makeup? Just go for it!


Time Travellers Wife AND the Apple Store? Perhaps we were separated at birth?

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