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The snow was beautiful in Durham from on high. Beautiful, but when I left work, it took four hours and 20 minutes to get home! This is a trip of 35 miles! (No apologies here - this ordeal deserves a few exclamation points. At least I'm not shouting.) Holy crow - I have never seen traffic like this in NYC or LA. Un-be-lieveable. It took so long, I had to take a bathroom break and that was no mean trick. People were leaving their cars and just smoozing by their cars.


I've got freshly fallen snow too, and it is good.


Because I am less than 4' 11" tall and drive a Honda Odyssey, mirror adjustment is, ummm, done with much precision and fine tuning. Our high today will, if we are lucky, hit 0 degrees F and, because I drive a Canadian-built vehicle too elderly for heated seats, I will have to adjust mirrors at least TWICE. Once when I start the van and again 10 minutes later when the seat thaws out and I start to descend! Off to shovel, Grace


Snow! Oh - must.hide.screen.from.son. It has been so unseasonably warm here! J is having a fit! The temps have finally dropped but no magic flakes in our immediate future. I have been looking at my birth place temps and I can say with all honesty I don't miss negative degree anythings. Although it would give me a "legitimate" excuse for knitting up bunches of goodies.


Greta - Bad Influence Gadget Girl here... my Mac Mini shows up tomorrow. (its so cute!). I'm on a waiting list for a Shuffle. And, you just don't want to know about the number of iPods we've gone through here ...

And, its snowing here too!


Snow? I'm so jealous!! They say flurries maybe here on Sunday, but that's no fun. We need a snow day!! Oh, and go for the IPod Photo, definately (and the Shuffle, and the Mac Mini, and - oh you get the point - hee hee) Further south Gadget Girl here.


I am feeling the same joy over the first snow. I'm a teacher and we LOVE the first snow and all the others. I'm enjoying a snowday here in Virginia just like I did when I was in school. Jane


Hi, Greta-The alien scarf is from Stitch and Bitch. It was fun to make but the edges curl too much for me. Next time I'll put on some edging to make it lie flat. I've been watching for the Shadow Knitting book. I looked through it at my Knit Night at Barnes and Noble and it looks great. It's $21.95 there but much cheaper in my KnitPicks catalog I got this week. I've been reading your blog for a while and as a teacher I enjoy hearing about your children success! Jane


Greta - pics are up. The Mac Mini is SO WONDERFUL!

Oh, and unless you have a pressing reason to want to do slide shows from your iPod, or think that seeing album art while listening to music is the most awesome thing ever, or (and this is the biggie) have so much digital music that a 40GB iPod is too small... I'd buy the 40GB iPod over the 60GB iPod photo. (I have a 40GB iPod, my husband has the 60GB. I like mine better....) I don't think the color display adds that much to the music experience...

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