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Never. Ever. Big hug to you.


I love a boy who will go for cookies AND cupcakes in one day, oh, yes.


Typical 20 year old man:

What assuages his anger? Bagels and a cookie.

What makes him happy? Parties and cake.

What inspires a full sentence? Lunch at the mall.

Our grandmothers were right: The way to a man's heart IS through his stomach!

What a great story, Greta. Lucky boy!


Greta, your blog entries never cease to leave me with my mouth hanging open in an awed grin . . . you're an amazing mom, with equally amazing kids.


Yeah Boy Bird!! If you had told me yesterday that it was Mozart's birthday, we would have had cake too.


What, you're going to make me all teary before it's even 8 AM?? Loud, weepy cheering from the West Coast....


Hooray for the Boy Bird! I'm so glad that you and he and Daughter Bird are constantly making miracles. It gives me hope for this crazy world we live in.


What "professionals" need to remember is - never underestimate the power of a mother's love. Hooray for both of you!


your children's success stories lift me up everytime i read one. thank you, thank you for sharing with us.


You could write a book on how to be an incredible mother. I'm inspired and touched by your blog. "Mozart's Birthday! Let's eat cake" is more brilliant than most of the words that have come out of the mouths of all of my ex-boyfriends, so your son is miles ahead of them.


Never give up... what a wonderful occurance!


You know, this story just reinforces my suspicion that most "professionals" got their opinions off work with lab rats, translate it to humans in a research paper, and consider the subject closed. They don't take into account the amazing power of just working with a kid one-on-one. If you aren't writing a book, you oughta be, woman.

And I second Alexis - shoot, I spend my day around scary-smart people, and I don't think any one of them would be aware that it's Mozart's birthday. MaryB puts it in context - food. Yep, though he may have limitations (don't we all? Ask me to do complicated math!) he's a really typical guy too. Hugs.


William's order at the bagel place?

"Plain & plain."





Can't believe I missed Mozarts birthday and a chance at cake, and for the record? Now that my *very verbal* kids are teens? I'm particularly impressed by the complete sentence.


I sure won't give up on yours...or mine!


I love your Boy Bird stories! He was perfect before that sentence, and more so now :) Sara

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