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Lisa K

I *did* read the NYer on anime yesterday and got that warm fuzzy feeling good writing gives me! I actually paused and said to myself, The NYer is something worth spending money on. I am trying to hip myself to young adult novels, graphic novels, anime, and related issues in hopes of getting a job with Young Adult responsibilities at a local library. And the article more than provided that: a partial Miyazaki filmography, personal history, why magna is so much more mainstream in Japan, etc. My local video store is bound to have Miyazaki movies -- but will they be on DVD or video?? I need the later.


The only thing that keeps me from a permanent state of despair is my North Carolina Mantra: "It ain't as long as it has been." Drawl this ad infinitum and have faith that eventually the American public will blow all the Cheez Whiz outta their ears, wake up, and start shouting, "E-nough, you simpleton!"


M & Z's doctor lost his college-age son last spring, and I was never so glad as when I saw him downtown on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to arrive on the firetruck with everyone else in the town.


Regarding spending during the second term, I have been thinking the same thing. Dubya is out there telling everyone to spend as usual, to go on vacation, to keep buying their Texan-sized gas guzzlers. He needs the fuel to keep his war machine alive. But what if everyone said, hey, there is a WAR going on. We don't think we should travel, we shouldn't be spending excessive amounts, what if we could slow the economy? Dubya uses the arguement that if we stop spending, stop traveling, the terrorists will have won. But, many don't believe that our presence in Iraq has anything to do with terrorists. If all the blue folk united, could we bring the travel industry to a stop? I don't know. Its damn frustrating. I don't understand how we can go on with life as usual when our kids are dying over there... sigh...


Oh, Greta - You have captured so nicely the way that Thursday felt. I had a knot in my stomach and was close to tears throughout the day.

Fortunately there are lots of nice people all pulling for each other - and with good ideas about being good when everything else seems to be looking grim.


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