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Wow, Greta. How I wish I could've been there. What an amazing Boy Bird you have! Merry Merry to you and yours!


Joy, Greta. It was another installment in the giant life book of JOY. You and Boy Bird have completely, utterly made my day, my Christmas...
Love you, dear. All best wishes for the holidays to you and your big, grownup Birds...


I am sitting her just *sobbing*. I feel like my heart could just burst out of my chest. What remarkable people your children are. Throw away the labels. Forget diagnoses. They're real, present, honest, caring, intelligent, compassionate people. I feel blessed to know them through you, the most remarkable Mommy bird I know.


Thank you for taking the time to share... your words inspire


You have the best adventures!


Well, I've lurked long enough, and after today's entry, I really need to say thank you - for your writing, your sharing, your outlook & your wonderful and amazing children. I'm sitting here misty-eyed, and I'll be thinking about this blog entry for a long time to come. Please tell Boy Bird that he (along with you) have given many of us a wonderful, priceless gift!

sarah b.

You really should write a book about your birds. For now, I'll settle for your tales on the blog. :-) They are truly inspirational individuals who speak volumes through their actions of love and generosity.


What a lovely *shopping* trip! :)


What a wonderful story, thank you for sharing it.


I'm a little behind on my blog reading (okay, a LOT behind, in everything) so I popped over here and, lo and behold, you've blogged up a storm.

Lovely posts, and each one lovelier than the last.


well m'darlin I don't know what you learned but I learned that you have amazing children that continue to touch my heart though I've not met them (ah...nor you for that matter!)You are a good Mom and that is reflected so clearly in your family. xomj


Boy bird could teach us all lessons about Christmas, couldn't he. You've raised such wonderful children.


I'm a fairly new reader to your blog. But I come here everyday in search of wonderful stories of your little birds. This takes the cake! What a terrific boy you have. Merry Christmas!


you felt so proud, and in awe of true unselfishness. i come here everyday to see your stories of the birds, they warm my heart and give me hope for my own son. They are both gifted with pureness of heart and if i could only be half as gifted i would be a happy woman. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you all, I think you all have more riches than gold, so i send you wishes of health.


Greta, that is just such an awesome story! Merry Christmas, Boy Bird and Bird Mommy!


Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with all of us...what a blessing it was to read it and be warmly reminded in such a beautifully simple way what the essence of giving really is.
The best of holidays to you and your incredible children!


This is such a great story. It needs to go on the salvation army's website!

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