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I was growled at last night by Cotton when I *gently* nudged him over a bit on the bed. There is no pleasing these pampered dogs, is there?


Sandy, when I growl at my new momma for moving me over on the couch do you know what she does!
She picks me up by my scruff and makes ME lay on the floor.
No fair...the other dogs are sucks and don't growl at the momma and get to stay on the couch.

I better learn to be quiet...but it is all good here...people are here all day and I don't have to be kennelled durring the day...just at night beause well...that garbage can was meant for midnight snacking ...I know you'll sympathize with me....
My girl at university comes home tomorrow...yeah! time for me to be even more spoiled!
Hope Santa Paws is good to you this year!
Merry Christmas to you and your Momma, GirlBird and BoyBird
Smiles...JRT extrodanaire..living on Ontario, Canada
...with Debbie (the new momma) and those two sucky brat Rat Terriers.


Hi Sandy,
It's Kishka here. I know how you feel when you see a nice piece of gum on the ground. Doesn't it look sooooooooooo yummy. I can't resist either. Those people really should stop tempting us, but they are doing a really good job.
I'm off to see whats in Daddy's garbage can again. Woof ya later.


Sandy, just a hint: don't chew on the cord to Mommy's laptop. That one is a real no-no. And I'm getting kicked off the bed for being impolite--can you believe it??


Sandy, I'm in the dog house too. They're making me sleep in a CAGE just because I marked the cabinet next to where they keep my food as being MINE. Well, I marked Karin's bed as being MINE too. But I sleep there. Sometimes. That means it's MINE, right? And if she leaves a stuffed poodle on the floor that means it's open season as a CHEW TOY. Mommy's been rolling her eyes and she started calling me THAT DOG again too. I am practicing eye-averting behavior, but she still seems mad. I'm staying out of her way. Why doesn't THAT CAT ever get in trouble?


Yeah, and what's all the fuss about me climbing all over my cousin Dylan's head when he was lying under MY pile of blankets? Big deal, just because he had a fever of 103 and something they call new-moan-ya. Geesh. Don't they know I'm the KING?


You should try rabbit poop- even better than gum, we say! Mom says something about PacMan and Dad says something about inventing dog mouthwash...Like you said, if it's on the ground...

Lucy, Jake & CC (JRT's en masse)


Sandy, I think your mommy is being very picky. My mommy gets like too. Jeez, what's up with humans?

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