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Be well Greta...your body is saying 'slow down' and take care.


The body knows when it simply cannot do more. Glad you heeded its message. Lots of love I'm sending to you.


A nice long nap! What a great idea! I hope you're feeling well. It's been a tough, new time in your life. It's good that you can just let go now.


I did the same thing yesterday, and went to bed early! Feel much better now, and happy knowing my daughter will be home from college this evening. This "letting them grow up" stuff is hard work!

Tell Sandy that she'd better be good or Santa won't come!


Got exactly the same way Friday - I just needed to shut my eyes "for a few moments" - right. I woke up two hours later and then went to bed early and slept in late. I was exhausted - and my body said, "NO MORE." Take care of yourself, Greta.

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