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Greta, it's not just your readers who are moved by your empty nest stories. Yesterday, I related Daughter Bird's birthday party story and Boy Bird's Christmas shopping story to a friend. We were BOTH reaching for the Kleenex after each one. You truly do provide a "sweet spot" in the day for many of us, dear Greta. And I, as another recent empty-nester, am so happy each time I log on to Bloglines and see you've posted again. Holiday blessings to you and your family.


I know there were long moments, but does it seem that this first semester flew by? I swear it was yesterday that you (and I for my own!) were packing, making lists, checking maps and heading out to drop them off...and now they're home again, home again. Makes spring feel a bit closer....
joy and love to you and yours,


Greta, I'm another lurker, oh how I hate that word. I've read you since you and Daughter Bird took your train adventure to visit Rachael and Ann. I just had to come out of hiding to tell you how much I enjoy your stories of your Birds too. Both the birthday party and the shopping trip brought tears to my eyes. And I love the fact that DB's college has pipers! Your children are truly the sweetest, most caring young people I have met for a long, long time. I always look forward to your posts. Enjoy the holidays!


Just a quick drive-by to give you a hug & say you're in my prayers. How wonderful to have the kids home during the holidays!! And to be wise enough to enjoy them---makes it even sweeter. Ooops---had to backspace there--I had typed "makes it even sweater". Hmmmm.



Greta, I so love reading about your Birds, have a fantastic holiday with both of them.
hugs and best wishes


Oh, the Boy Bird and his mother.... that story left me in a weepy, happy heap. Really. Tell Daughter Bird CONGRATULATIONS on finishing her first (!) semester and that I'm so proud of her....
all love!

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