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Dearest, you are an inspiration. You and Daughter A. Maybe I should get back to Middlemarch now that I finished the novel you loaned me ~


You are so right, it's all a circle and will come right (or left). Curly fries = deliciousness to the nth power.


The kiddo said, well, can we just stay around here, right around our house, so we don't have to be next to that bad guy? If only it were that straightforward...


It is so nice to find a bright spot here on your blog today. Blessing to you all.


Out of the mouth of DaughterBird... amen.


Amen to the Daughterbird, she is very wise. And curly-fries are comfort food. We need to suck it up, and then start fighting back, smart and hard. This is our country too.


I keep going back to the end of Anne Frank's diary, where she says that she still believes at heart that people are good. I'm not trying to draw any kind of political comparison there, just that it keeps repeating in my mind. And then I come here and reaffirm that truth.


you said that more beautifully than i ever could have.

about your children, i think part of the reason i enjoy reading your blog so much is because i worked with autistic children for about 2 years. i also have a few friends with developmental disabilities. the MOST fantastic thing is when someone makes an advance they were told they would never achieve... congradulations to you and your family!

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