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Ahh, Greta, bless you for giving me that refreshing spritz of water in my face. I needed that.


And that's exactly it, Greta!! You always DO find something positive. It's refreshing, invigorating, it's what I aspire to. Thank you.

Frivolous, shmivolous -- yay for King Arthur and your wonderful daughter!


Awww....I've been getting calls like that too but more along the lines of ..
"I can't stand it here anymore...mom I gotta find somewhere else to stay...they won't go to bed at night, they bug me to come watch tv when I have midterms to study for...." and that's just stating the problem mildly...
So while the courses are great and she's making scads of new friends...her daddy had to drive up and help her move out of a long time family friends' place to new digs....
Yeah Greta I know I need a blog of my own don't I.

Debbie in Ontario, Canada...who now has a third dog....somebody stop me!


I love this story. Love you for posting it. Tell her to watch out for those medievalists, though. They're a tricky bunch of trickster teachers. Ask me how I know.


Tell your daughter to take whatever appeals to her - college is no fun if you stick to the straight and narrow! (says the woman who took senior-level history classes without prereqs. - for fun!)


I can just HEAR her voice. And yours.

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