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After reading your post my eyes are full, as your heart must be. Kids. They can make, or break, your whole being. I so respect your outlook and attitude---you're a great example for those little birds, Greta. xxoo


It's a grand thing to have a child that trusts you and just wants you as part of her/his life even if it's just as a listener. I'm so happy for you, why am I crying?


Isn't it wonderful? I'm looking forward to picking up my daughter next week, too. Happy Monday to you, too, Greta.


I'm so happy to hear that Daughter Bird is doing well at college. You must be bursting with pride!
I'm sure that the Spongebob movie is in my near future as well! We live with a high level of spongebob awareness around these parts! :)


Hugs! What a truly poignant moment! Lists are good things. I was just thinking about that Spongebob movie and hoping we'd be able to take all the kiddos to see it when we're at Grandma's (in VA) for T'giving holiday.


This is the stressful time of the year in a college student's life. Good for daughter bird for handling her stress so well. Is she available to give pointers to frazzled moms?

Thanks for your comment today, sweetie! You are too kind. :)


Inspiring, as always. So glad to read daughter bird is able to handle the pressures of college. :)


It brightens the day to read of you and the interaction you have with your children. What a wonderful relationship you have created.

J Strizzy

Awww. That's really all there is to say. You're lucky to have your birds to make you feel so good, and they're lucky to have you to have made them who they are -- it all comes full circle.


How cool! You should send her a "Cup of Tea" care package--so you and she could have a real cup of tea together, even just on the phone. Kudos to her on her list of priorities.


My daughter and I had SO many conversations like that last year when she was going to school far, far away. She'd be stressed or sad or depressed or overwhelmed or lonely (any one or combination thereof) every time she called. She told me later that even though things didn't ever sound real great when she called me (oh, and she could go on and ON, too!), it really wasn't that bad; it's just that when she was down, it was me she wanted to talk to!

Ah, the power of the list for bringing things into perspective. Yay!


Ah, Greta, you give me hope!


this makes me happy, you know.
i have a sister that's 5 and is autistic... *lil smile*

Good going.


Thank you for sharing this. I have an 8yo boy who is a very high functioning autistic. He has come a long way. Often I listen to 'experts' who claim autistic people don't get married ,have careers, etc. It is so wonderful to hear a story like this. I know my child will have a harder time than most but I alsao know that he will have a productive fulfilling life. Thank you for sharing that yours is!!!

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