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Nothing wrong with holding onto those family relics, leaving them in the attic/basement, until you KNOW you KNOW what to do with them and what place they'll have in your new fabulous life.

You're amazing.

(And yes, your hair really DOES look great.)


I think sometimes they (the traditions and memories) only become relics when we do - and you are far from being a relic. To me - you are in the midst of a transition and in the process of making new traditions and memories. I was so blessed to read about daughter bird's sweet heart. You've raised winners - may I do as well.


Isn't it wonderful how the thing(s)we work toward for so long can make us sad when they finally arrive? I'm so happy that the kids are grown up and kinda on their own, which is what you planned, but also sad for the same thing. I'm glad you had such a special day with only a few heart breaking but appropriate events. Next year will be easier. Crank up the music and let the tears roll. It's what we do.


Keep your chin up, dear.

Like Rachael said, leave them there until you KNOW what to do with them. These things usually work themselves out.

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