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Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Greta. xxoo


Oh Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I will email you in the next couple days to update you on the Jbird issues. It sounds to me that you daughter is adjusting just fine. It's the heart of our children that blesses me.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiviing Greta. I am Thankful this year for my wonderful *imaginary* friends and this wonderful place where I come to play every day. I think of you and the little birds often and keep all of you in my prayers.


The very best of Thankgivings to you Greta. We all have much to be thankful for and friends are high on the list.


Howdy, G! (just wanted to say that!) Am so glad that Daughter Bird is thrivign at school (not that there was ever any question about it!)... am in middle of mad holiday rush (with the show adding further to both excitement and anxiety), but am looking forward to getting together sometime soonish (Jan.?)


Have a fabulous Thanksgiving with your little birds. Such wonderful news about college -- it's something to be proud of and thankful for.


Have a wonderful, happy Thanksgiving, Greta!


Oh Greta, what a girl you have!
You just know enquiring minds want to know the recipe for that stuffing too!
I needed warm fuzzies today!
Thanks and have a great Turkey Day tomorrow.
We'll be watching the Macy's parade up here in Canada too...the joys of homeschooling!



Oh, how wonderful -- it's all so wonderful! Good bird news, blessings, a parade, special stuffing, and traditions...

It's Thanksgiving! I know yours will be happy.


So, what's this year's DealyBob? ;) We love her, too.


Oh Daughter bird has compassion! I love that. I see bits of it--sometimes--in Owen but I am always looking out for it. Cameron and Gracie have it in abundance. Also, is Daughter bird happy? It is so hard for us as parents of our children, especially ASD kids, to want so much for them. Every time you mention a conversation with her--she sounds happy. I think it sounds like she is doing terrific. Doing her work well--it seems--makes her happy too. :) And look at the party she is going to have for her birthday. Sure it has pizza but no life size mouse! I think you are doing a perfect job Greta! Inspiring as always. Thanks for that. When ya gonna visit Long Island?


I'm sending love and thanks your way, as you are radiating them out every other direction. Have a wonderful time, and I promise a long email somewhere in the near future. Love you!

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