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Have a wonderful holiday, dear girl. I just love the photo of you, Maggi and that sweet little C. Travel safely and know that my prayers are with you, as always.


Traveling mercies to you and yours, Greta. Have a wonderful time with your family and friends over the holiday. Looking forward to SpongeBob here too! :) Bless you!


Hugs and more Hugs, Greta! You help me keep perspective on the day! You're on my 'I give thanks for.." list...

sarah b.

I thought of you and daughter bird yesterday and just had to comment. I work in college admissions and had a student and his father come in, the son has Aspergers. He was a great kid and very bright, and it was nice for me to be reminded of the success daughter bird is having and to know that this student can reach his potential if given the opportunity, just as daughter bird is working to reach hers. Thanks to you both for being an inspiration. Have a fabulous holiday!


Have the best, best, best Holiday!!
Many blessing to you and yours.


And you know who read all Milton's writing back to him, after he lost his sight? His daughter. Yep.

Love to you, darling, and know that I'll be giving thanks for YOU!


You and the daughter bird are wonderful, just wonderful. I read your posts about her and your time together and it casts such a glow on everything, making me wish I knew personally the interesting, clever girl you describe and reminding me how very, very lucky I am to have my own beautiful boy. Much joy to all three of you on this day of thanks.

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