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Stitches? What stitches? I don't remember anything about Sandy having stitches! And why are you voting so soon down there? Congrats on what I assume are wonderful grades for DB!


What a happy post! Except for Sandy stitches. :-( Hope she's ok.


Well, I don't know about Greta's state but our state is allowing early voting in anticipation of long lines - a problem that I personally think is great one to have.


way to get out the vote...my 6 year old is coming with me to the polls...she is very interested in participation...and I am taking advantage! I hope when she gets to college she'll be like yours! Vote!!


I like what your knitting friend had to say about voting. Must remember that. We don't get to early vote here in the battleground state of PA so I can't wait to see the turnout next Tuesday! Like Heather I'm taking the kiddos with me. My dds (4 & 5) have been discussing "the race" (they still don't fully get that it's not a literal "running" race) a lot. Their BIG concern about voting is that they wonder if they'll get candy at the firehouse like last year. We've got many civics lessons ahead of us...


I wish we got to vote early... here (like in Susan's PA) even though MN is a battleground state, no early voting. I shudder at the lines....but I'm voting!


I was going to drop off my ballot early, but I think I want to do it during the week when I can take the boys in, let them get a sticker, and live the EXAMPLE. I have memories of going with my mom into the booth with levers to pull and wishing I too could pull the levers. Why did Sandy have stitches?


Haven't left a comment in a while, Greata but I've been around...I feel like I'm holding my breath when it comes to the election...hope the exhale is one of relief.

Lemme see - give the fact that Dot and Sandy are about the same age, I assume the stitches were to have her 'parts' removed? We have to travel 40 minutes to our vet, so I took Dot's stitches out myself - C was very impressed.

Take care!

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