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No bonus points for me save maybe I live somewhere that hasn't got an election looming :0) But a month long absense is no reason not to pop in daily...have to keep your stats alive ha-ha, and anyway thinking and sending love doesn't need you to post to happen. As always much love


She's back! Have been pulling for ya all the way. Only a few more elections days to go. Man, I am soooo ready for this to be over.


We'll always be here waiting for you sweetie. Hope you are feeling better.

Heather M

Welcome back! Hope all goes well!


Here's a cheer for tomorrow's liberation! Best wishes for brighter days ahead!


So happy to see you back. Hooray for your liberation! Happy day.


Congrats on the liberation... glad to have you back!


Oh, yeah. I've just been waiting for that bloglines highlight sayin' you're back. Well, I don't know.....I think I wished for a mother that was a little LESS like Morticia. We all have our burdens. Hee!


Of course we're here, love! Where else would we be?

J Strizzy

so good to hear from you, dear! hope all goes well tomorrow with the doctor...


We hang out just waiting for you to post. Be well, Greta and we look forward to your return!!


We're still out here, Greta! I hope your eyes are feeling better?


So glad you're out there, love, and SO glad to get your email. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you with love, and I have to tell you -- I may have a place to hang my most favorite painting in the world soon.....

love love love you!


So glad that you are back, and I'm happy to hear that you are taking charge. LOL, I chuckled when I read about Morticia because yes, I remember having that fantasy at some point! I still think it would certainly be interesting, and I do believe she was a knitter, although I can't remember if that tidbit came from the original or the movie.


Morticia--my dream mom. TV Morticia--Caroline. . .last name escapes me. Drop dead (ha!) gorgeous, blithe, righteously indignant--loved that woman.

Nice to hear from you. Hope you're on the healthy track.


Morticia? That one surprised me. Hee!

So glad to hear that your spirits are up -- know that you're loved, dear girl.

debbie klement

Girlfriend...finally some results for you!
Well you've at the very least been productive in you absence from the blog!

And yes...to those wondering...I do believe in the old B&W series Morticia did indeed knit.

Debbie in Canada


Of course I'm here! Email was received and information processed. Be kind to yourself dear Greta and don't go faster than necessary.

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