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Bless you, Greta! I know that took some genuine courage to do.


Once again our lives parallel. I'm on my way to Goodwill this morning with a load of shoes, household stuff and toys. Sending you hugs.


It's been a year? Wow. How strange it must be from that side of it. Congratulations on your first year of empty next. Or maybe the first half of empty nest.

I have a fleece to send to you and Sandy, if I ever get my act together and pack it up. I think it will be from Groucho. I might even find a picture of him to send too. He's a nice neutered guy, with soft wool and a lot of character in his, um, sheep-onality.


Wow, a year. I have a hard time letting go of many of my kids things--Owen especially if he was, at any time, attached to it. Gratefully, his school hosts at least 3 garage sales a year and I know the money will go to pay his teachers. I can live with that. Glad the poodle princess could be of help. :)


You mean it doesn't get any easier? I keep thinking as the boys grow that I'll have an easier time getting rid of their clothes and things. I admit to still having certain precious infant outfits that I haven't been able to part with!

debbie klement

Greta...just to show you how small a world it is...I took my youngest to Goodwill today.It was a jeans/pants shopping day but she also ended up with a sweatshirt...almost new and she was tickled pink that it was hers for $5 CDN/$3.90 US.
My kids love to shop at Goodwill and we appreciate it when people donate items that still have life in them !
Give and be happy!


You're an inspiration. xxoo

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