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E-ticket, baby! I wonder how many of us are old enough to remember them!

I've missed you and am glad to see that you're back and posting! :)


I'm so glad you are back.

Sending many thoughts and prayers your way!

Hooray for Danger Girl's return!


Woohoo for Danger Grrl! May all good things come to pass from your new resolve. You're worth it!!


*duck* I don't want to get hit by any flying Danger Girls! You go, girl.


Hard contacts and reading glasses are a breeze, been doing it for years, but it's a bummer when eventually you need the reading glasses over the hard contacts about half the time. I'm getting there.


I've been wearing hard contacts for almost exactly 40 years, and have used reading glasses for the last three or four. Hard contacts are uncomfortable for the first two or three days, but after that, you won't even know you are wearing them. The good news on the "retrain the brain" issue is that you are a woman. Women have redundant systems in their brains, which means we forge new pathways easier. The trip up the coaster might be bumpy, but the ride down will be quite a thrill!


And then we can go on Small World. It's tradition, and it just IS a small world, no? Love you.


Wore hard contacts for years! Reliable and easy. Just stay away from mohair, which feels like the Rock of Gibraltar if it grazes your eyeball. What better hand eye retraining than knitting.

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