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I will publicly volunteer to come with you and hold your hand THE WHOLE WAY on your trip to handcarry your glasses back! Tee hee!

Seriously, I hope you get some relief and good results soon!


Maybe if we ALL go you'll get good results! How about it everyone?!
Take care and know that we think of you daily.


Anything to help our Greta. We all love and miss you, dearest!

J Strizzy

I've been worrying about you and wondering how you've been doing -- I'm glad to see your marvelous spirit is intact despite what you're dealing with. I know very few people who would treat your situation as a reminder to appreciate their balance and vision, but that's a very positive way to see it (no pun intended!).

Joan in Reno

I hope you get your glasses soon, Greta. How horrible to have to wait longer for them. Hang in there and may everything turn out alright.


You sound so blue. Let me take a little bit of that for you, there. C'mon, girlfriend. We'll get through this.

Thinking of you and sending you waves of warm hugs.


I'm there for you too Greta!


Do I need to come beat somebody up for you? You just give me the signal.

Susan Aguirre

Knitty hugs and healing thoughts coming your way!


Love love love you, in fifty point type!


Greta, you are a trooper! Hang in there! I miss reading your daily doses of wisdom. Take care! Cyber-hugs galore!!!


Hey, sweetie pie---thinking of you and keeping you close in my prayers. xxoo


Sorry to hear this Greta and hoping the swimmy headedness ends for you soon.. I too have been concerned (and saddened) by your absence and volunteer to join the gang and march with you and ensure you get RESULTS! Hug the Princess for me, Amy :)


Greta - Hope things turn around for you soon. Did you get my package? Take care...

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