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It seems we are given what we need when we ask. There is so much ahead for you on that new road of discovery. Namaste to you dear Greta.


It's just a pleasure and honor to bear witness to the journey that is you, Greta. There are so many of us who are informed and inspired by you every day.


Eyes wide open can mean so many things in life, yes? Welcome back, Greta. Missed you. Am so glad this is a fruitful time for you. May the migraine's no longer be needed, though!


Hugs and light and love and more, more, more love sent your way, darlin'....


Welcome back, Greta. Hope the migrane is long gone and you can get on with your journey in peace.


I could never not read for a week.. Challenge or no challenge! Hoping the migrane is history and stays that way..


Hope all is better with the corrected glasses. I couldn't even begin to imagine not reading. Life without books is just too horrifying to imagine. Good thing we now have books on tape. Hope you liked the package I sent a few weeks ago. Worried it would get lost in the flooding from the hurricanes.



Missed you.


My love and my prayers are with you always. When life is hard, I'm glad I have a soft place to fall - rest in His arms dear Greta. You are one who "sees" more than most, nothing with dim that sightedness.


Hi, Greta. Sorry to be dense but how can you blog if you can't read?


Jennie, she can blog while not reading because it's easy to type with your eyes closed. Sometimes I actually get better results that way!

Greta - I MISS YOU!!!!! love love love to you.

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