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Yay, Greta! Kisses to you and Miss Sandy Poodle. Hang in there!

J Strizzy

Greta, dear, I'm so glad you're still standing. I've been worried about you with all the crazy weather, but I should have known you'd come through just peachy. Sounds like you are getting what you need for your eyes, and of course we're all thinking of you.

And a B+! Marvelous!


Greta, don't fret about who might be waiting for what from you. It's enough to know that you, the Daughter and Son Birds and Poodle Princess are well and safe. We're all out here thinking good thoughts and sending lots and lots of love your way.




*hugs* Saying lots of good things... may I light a candle for you? I certainly hope that things get better around there for you... B*B

Joan in Reno

Yay, Daughter Bird! Glad you are OK. OXOX

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