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Glad to see you're okay, Greta! I keep checking you site. Fingers crossed for the eye appointment!


Glad to see that you're back online, Missed you!
Good luck with your eye appointment!


Prayers for your Friday eye appointment...xxoo


So glad to hear from you. Will cover you in prayer on Friday.


So glad to see you're back! I'll be thinking about you Friday (well, I do continually anyway, but I'll be thinking extra hard on Friday).


I have missed you and been thinking of you every day! Lots of prayers going forth for you.


Sending prayers.

Hang in there!


Hugs and good thoughts from a lurker!


God luck with the appointment on Friday, I'll be thinking of you..h


Oh, thank goodness! I knew you were ok, but not to hear... well, it's some kind of torture. My heart will be with you tomorrow. So much love headed your way!


I will eat extra carrots for you tonight. Best of luck with the eye doc!!!


We have missed you everyday! Prayers and blessing with the eye, email and coming back to your fold (us!).


So glad to hear from you. Glad you're doing OK... I missed you. Sending prayers your way for your appointment tomorrow.


So happy to find you back again. Lots of good thoughts coming your way tomorrow.


So glad to find you back again. Lots of good thoughts coming your way tomorrow.


Greta, I've missed you! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

Joan in Reno

Lots of love, hugs and prayers for tomorrow. So glad you are back. I've really missed you.


Hugs & Prayers on Friday and I am glad to know all is well with you. Chat soon.


I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, Greta.
Missed you!


See what happens when I spend all day staining fence parts?? Greta sneaks back. Thoughts and prayers are with you *always*, dearest.


She's BAAAAAACK! All the best for tomorrow and look forward to hearing about what you and the Princess have been up to :)


Mike, Jack, and Della will join me in sending positive-eye-vibes in your direction. I'm so glad you were able to post today.


So glad you're back - you've been missed. Praying for your appt to go well. :)


Bizarre! I was just about to post, and noticed that it looks like I already have (just above) ... but that's another me! :)

Have all relevant appendages crossed for happy eyeballs -- am thinking of you!

Lisa B

I hope all goes well with the doctor! My prayers and positive thoughts are with you!

debbie klement

Girlfriend you had a lot of us holding our collective breath!
Glad your ok and of course all happy out come thoughts for your appt to go well!


Greta! Glad you are back we missed you! Positive thoughts for your eye Dr. apt.!!!


Glad to read you are well. Good luck at the eye doctor. Looking forward to hearing about what you, the kids and the little princess have been up to.

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